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NAD Supplies were established in 2015 to address packaging needs in the industrial, agricultural and manufacturing sectors. Our products are top quality, and meets up to exceptional standards, our service level is excellent, our prices are very competitive and we are very committed to customer satisfaction.

We focus on your needs and strive to be your one-stop-supplier for all your packaging needs.


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Corrugated box
Corrugated box
Corrugated box
Corrugated box

At Nad Supplies we are manufacturers of corrugated boxes, wooden pallets and crates and suppliers of other protective packaging material. We specialize corrugated and wooden products and we can manufacture all items according to your spesifications and we are able to manufacture in bulk.

A full range of corrugated boxes and sheets manufactured to your spesification and not only can we help protect your valubles with our corrugated products we can also promote your brand by providing you with the option of high graphic printing for your corrugated product. We can print up to 5 colours.

Our corrugated products includes, boxes, die cut boxes, corrugated sheets, corrugated slip sheets, edge guards, and corrugated rolls. 

We also specialize in the manufacturing of wooden pallets and crates for the industrial, automotive, and agricultural sectors all pallets and crates can be manufactured to you spesifications. We are registered for export heat treatment according to ISPM15 which means that we can manufacture wooden products for you that is safe to export. 

Please Note :

All items are subject to availabilty.

All prices exclude VAT.

Lead Times 5-10 working days.

We can deliver.


All items are subject to availabilty.

All price exclude VAT.

Lead times 5 - 10 working days.

We can deliver.

Corrugated box

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Corrugated box
Corrugated box
Corrugated box

Slip Sheets

Slip sheets are the new alternative to Wooden Pallets


Slip sheets are thin pallet-sized sheets made of plastic or corrugated board used in commercial shipping. Often, these replace the use of traditional wooden pallets. The unit load is usually stretch wrapped or shrink wrapped for stability and loaded with a push pull attachment or with roller forks

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gallery/slip sheets stacking
  • Upto 40% Cheaper than wooden pallet
  • No Heat treatment needed for export purposes
  • Use 98% less stacking space in warehouse than wooden pallets
  • 10% more shipping space in container available
  • Less administration to recover empty pallets
  • Environmentally friendly (recyclable)
  • Weather resistant
  • Weighs 1/30 of a wooden pallet
  • Significant saving on airfreight cost
  • No maintenance needed on slip sheet
  • Slip sheet usage requires special slipheets attachments on transportation devices such as a lift truck 
  • When used alone, pallets provide more structural support than slip sheets
  • Pallets are easily compatible with crane devices
  • Overall, the advantages of slip sheets vs. pallets highly overate the disadvantages

Advantages of slip sheets

Disadvantages of slip sheets

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